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Why Chile?

Why choose Chile?

Chile is a beautiful country located in the southwest coast of South America. It is 2,800 miles long, from the arid frontier with Perú and Bolivia until the frozen Antarctica. It is about 125 miles wide, moving from the Pacific Ocean to the Andes (natural border with Argentina). It is also an insular country with two widely known islands: Juan Fernández and Isla de Pascua (Easter Island).
Chile is known for its wines, skiing, beaches, cooper production and for being the only country that reunites all the geographical features that are present in the world.
And its people! Very kind and always willing to help you in everything you need.


Cerro Santa Lucia Santiago San Cristobal hill

The capital of Chile. Santiago is beautifully set in a wide plain crossed by the Mapocho river. With the Andes as a backdrop and two nice and lonely hills down town, offers the comfort, cultural, sport and out-door activities of a big city.
It has plenty of public gardens including Plaza de la Constitución where La Moneda, the national building, is settled on. [ More about Santiago... ]

Vina del Mar

  Festival de Vina del Mar The beach Fonck museum with the only muai ourside of easter island

This city, also known as ‘the Garden City’ was founded on December 29th, 1874, by the engineer Jose Francisco Vergara Echevers, and has grown into Chile's most luxurious beach resort town, attracting visitors from all over the world.
Some come for Vina Del Mar 's languid tropical atmosphere, its grand tree lined , its vast, soft stretches of white sand beach, and its sybaritic abundance of gourmet restaurants.
While Vina's celebrity has brought it any number of sleek, modern buildings and hotels , the character of the town is set by its many charming colonial houses.
Perhaps the most romantic way to tour Vina Del Mar 's tranquil streets is via the Victoria, the region's traditional horse-drawn carriage.
Vina is famous for the Musical Festival of Vina del Mar, which is held every year in the third week of February and lasts for five days. It is very popular amongst nationals and effectively marks the end of the summer season.
The city is also home to one of the most renowned gambling casinos you´ll find in the country.


Furnicular Artill. The Harbour Palacio_Baburizza Valparaiso's typical houses

Valparaiso's bay was first populated by Changos, an ethnic group dedicated to fishing and gathering. Spanish explorers arrived in 1536, on the (Santiaguillo), a ship sent by Diego de Almagro, considered the first European explorer of Chile.
Valparaiso (or simply Valpo) became the main harbor for the nascent Chilean navy, and opened to international trade, which had been limited to commerce with Spain and its other colonies. Valparaiso soon became a required stopover for ships crossing between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans via the Strait of Magellan and Cape Horn, and gained particular importance supporting and supplying the California Gold Rush (1848-1858). In its role as a major seaport, Valparaiso received immigrants from many countries, mainly from England, Germany and Italy. German, French, Italian and English were commonly spoken among its citizens, who also had newspapers in these same languages. [ More about Valparaiso ]


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