Spanish Crash Courses in Santiago, Chile

Spanish courses at Natalislang
In our Spanish language school, we offer tailored Spanish classes to beginner or experienced learners, comprehensive lessons and resources to help you achieve your Spanish language goals.
All in a very cozy atmosphere.

Natalislang Spanish Courses in Santiago, Chile:
18 session (individual or in pairs) Crash course for visitors in Santiago, Valparaiso.
Aprender Español práctico para sobrevivir, Santiago, Chile.

Spanish Crash courses for visitors

The crash program I have organized for you has a total of 18 individual sessions of 45 minutes for $250.000 Chilean pesos or 18 lessons of 45 minutes each $400.000 Chilean pesos for pairs

During these classes we try to give the students the necessary tools to be able to communicate with basic conversation in Spanish speaking countries and at the same time the students get the basis to continue the study of the language at its own pace.

Each student receives a book with the appropriate information plus a set of cards that helps the learning of the verbs. Grammar is introduced by means of conversation.
Each student reaches an appropriate level according to their language skills.


Crash Courses

Spanish Crash Courses

Don’t let language learning stress you out!
My short Spanish Crash programs are designed to make learning fun, easy, and effective.

  • 18 sessions over 3 days
  • 45 minutes per session

$ 250.000 ( US$ 270, € 247, ? ) per person,
$ 400.000 ( US$ 432, € 395, ? ) per pair

Spanish: Crash Courses

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Quick conditions summary
Quick conditions summary
Flexible schedule
Our groups are a maximum of 5 students and the sessions last 45 minutes.
We offer 5% discount for ITIC, ISIC and IYTC card holders (cards MUST be presented before payment)
Lessons on weekends have a 5% extra fee.
The learning materials corresponding to the student’s current level will be given after payment. In the case of loss, theft or extra requirements, all the Natalislang materials can be purchased at the school administration.
The student cannot continue with the program if he/she has not paid the total program cost by the second day of class.
After course confirmation, the administration personnel will contact the student one week before his/her arrival.
The payment of differences between one course to another is not allowed (e.g. if you pay for 2 weeks and want two more weeks, you have to pay the price corresponding to the 2 week program and not the difference to a 4 week program).
Free! wireless internet access for all our students while on the premises.
Note! The payment must be done the first day of class.
We appreciate if you pay in Chilean pesos.
Tours & extra costs are not included in the course prices.
We encourage students to communicate any compliment, complaint or suggestion on time and not to wait until the last day of class.
If the student needs to cancel or postpone the lessons, he/she must give the school at least 24 hours notice, or the session will be lost at the student’s expense.
By rule, a refund would not be given if you withdraw. If for whatever reason a student needs to freeze his/her sessions, the course fee may be credited towards a future course for up to six months from the last lesson taken, after which the fee is no longer valid. You are allowed to transfer your sessions to a friend or student.
“We accept Visa, MasterCard, Magna, American Express, Diners Club and Discover cards” with a 5 % extra fee.
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