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Barrio Santa Isabel (close to our school)

This is a new area for leisure and young cultural expression. The Santa Isabel street has suffered an underground remodeling. From being a residential neighborhood with big old houses, wide parking lots and some fast food restaurants; it turned into the new home for pubs, restaurants and other night clubs and discotheques.

Recommended eat, have a drink or coffee

Bar magenta (Santa Victoria 0309, Providencia, cell: 09 129 10 71,
It is specialized in private celebrations and parties that gather eccentric and singular characters. This is a unique place located in the hart of the Santa Isabel neighborhood.

El Sofá (Santa Isabel 0151, phone: 249 81 75,
One of the main attractive of this place are the spaces: individual rooms with paintings, cushions, sofas and other articles; all for sale. Its menu includes traditional beers, wine, national and imported drinks.

Barcaza (Santa Isabel 0350, Providencia, phone: 222 85 56,
Barcaza is a concert-bar auditorium where you can enjoy of music, theatre, dance, painting and poetry. It opens at 19:30 from Tuesday to Saturday.

Exótiko (Santa Isabel 0429, Providencia, phone: 247 25 77)
It is a place with an exotic touch reflected on its kitchen, where you can enjoy of wild boar, rabbit and ostrich meet for a low price. It has a very cozy atmosphere and the best service.

Hídrico (Av. Italia 1283, 4747454)
Its specialty is the Mediterranean food, among them, the Carmenère octopus, the ostrich carpaccio and the shrimp-cheese quesadillas cooked with olive oil, not using saturated fats.

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Hostal Providencia
(Vicuña Mackenna 92 A/B, Providencia, Santiago phone: +56-2-6352536)
is located in the heart of Santiago, 3 blocks from Plaza Italia (Baquedano subway station). It is a short walking distance from some of the coolest and most visited places in the metropolis: barrio Bellavista, Parque Forestal, Cerro Santa Lucía, barrio Providencia and others. The hostel is safe and clean and the young enthusiastic team members will make you feel like part of their family. Surrounded by fun and interesting places that we frequently visit ourselves, they provide you with good information about the hot spots in town.

Barrio Bellas Artes (close to our school)

The Bellas Artes neighborhood has being transformed into one of the most promising places of Santiago. Within 2 years it recovered its initial urban character and the city council created the “Cafes Promenade”.
It is located just a few steps away from the Fine Arts museum and next to the Forestal Park.

Recommended eat, have a drink or coffee

Café Tomodashi (José Miguel de la Barra 432) It is a quiet place divided in two storeys. At the entrance you will find a green room. There are little tables where you can enjoy of a tomodashi coffee (made with whiskey cream, chocolate and milk), among others.

Café Concepto (José Miguel de la Barra 456, phone: 639 62 69)
This is one of the recently inaugurated thematic cafes; elegant, cozy and inviting the reading and conversation. On its brief but exquisite menu you can find excellent coffee brands and Austrian confectionery.

Café Abarzúa (Merced 337, Santiago Downtown, It is a place that mix the classic with the modern style offering a varied menu. It is part of the “Cafes Promenade”. Its loft style and the permanent rotation of art works in their walls turn it into an ideal place for an interesting conversation.

Opera catedral (Miguel de la Barra 407, phone: 664 30 48,
Its has an informal but sophisticated style with a first level cuisine and exquisite drinks. Some consider it as the place of the moment. Opened Monday to Thursday from 10:00 to 02:00 hrs. Friday to Saturday from 10:00 to 04:00 hrs.

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Hostal Andes (Monjitas 506, Barrio Bellas Artes, phone: 632 99 90 - 632 91 73,
It is a new and fun alternative for your stay in Santiago, located in one of the trendiest, most beautiful, and best located downtown neighborhoods. The facilities are in mint condition, specially designed for your comfort and convenience. Beautiful decoration.

Hostal Forestal
(Coronel Santiago Bueras 122, phone: 638 13 47, 632 42 94,
It is one of the hippest hostels in Santiago, located among the trendiest Lastarria - Parque Forestal - Bellas Artes neighborhoods. Its unique location, next to transportation, local attractions, cafes, restaurants, parks, museums, bars and clubs makes a perfect place for your secure stay in Santiago.
Barrio Bellavista (close to our school)

Bellavista is a picturesque neighborhood that has transformed into Santiago’s Bohemian sector. It offers good art galleries, cafés, theaters and restaurants. The busiest days are Fridays and Saturdays which becomes crowded from 22:00 hrs.

On the Antonio López de Bello Street, there are beautiful houses that are attached all along the Street and have balconies covered with flowers.
Recommended eat, have a drink or coffee

Ají Verde (Constitución 284, Providencia, phone: 735 33 29)
Typical Chilean restaurant, where you can find typical Chilean dishes such as Pastel de Choclo, Empanadas, barbecues ad national wines. You can also hear typical Chilean music while you are eating.

Tasca Mediterránea
(Purísima 161, Recoleta, phones: 735 39 01 - 735 09 28)
One of the oldest restaurants in Bellavista district, it offers Mediterranean food. Recommended for young people.

Azúl Profundo (Constitución 111, Providencia, phone: 738 02 88)
The decoration, inspired by sea elements, was created by its owners. Here you can eat fresh fish and seafood dishes.

Armandita (Pío Nono 108, Recoleta, phone: 737 34 09)
It is located a few blocks away from Italia Square. Its main customers are tourist and office workers that come at lunch time. You can also enjoy of a good “parrillada” (a mini-barbecue) for dinner.
Barrio Lastarria

This is a residential neighborhood with a strong cultural sense of great historical value. This area concentrates art galleries, restaurants, coffee shops, cultural centers, green areas and a neoclassic architecture from the beginning of the 20th century. Recommended places.

Recommended eat, have a drink or coffee

Brainworks – Cafeteria (José Miguel de la Barra 454, phone: 442 88 52)
BW Cafeteria is a meeting point for reading and conversation. Here you can find a great variety of coffees, teas, natural juices, sandwiches and cakes. It is located next to the Fine Arts, Contemporary and Visual Arts museums, and to the Forestal Park.

Café Plaza Mulato Gil (José Victorino Lastarria # 305, phone: 639 3604)
Cafeteria with great variety of beans.
Opened Tuesday to Sunday from 11:00 to 01:00am.

Barrio Suecia

It is not a noise and parties neighborhood only. Some people just look for a conversation with their friends along with a good drink or a tasty food. Some of them go dancing after dinner in one of the many pubs and discotheques around the area. There is a lot of nightlife with excellent restaurants and good atmosphere.

Recommended eat, have a drink or coffee

Mystick (General Holley 2277, Providencia, phone: 335 86 12) It is one of those places that highlights the decoration and atmosphere combined in a unique style. Its inner room invites you to stay for a couple of hours enjoying a good drink or one of their delicious gastronomical specialties. It is also opened during lunch time and people recommend it for its happy hours. Opened Monday to Saturday.

El Papalote (Bucarest 104, Providencia, phone 09-779 15 66) This is a place to relax and enjoy of different musical alternatives like Flamenco performances, popular singers and live jazz within an intimate and cozy atmosphere.

Wallstreet (General Holley 99, Providencia, phone 232 55 48) It is a place recommended for a young-adult public in general. It has a New Yorker style decorated with bridges and paintings of Manhattan and New York at night. An international style with cozy atmosphere and some gastronomical curiosities. Opened from Monday to Saturday.

Barrio Cívico de Santiago

It is a small zone in the middle of Santiago. It was named “civic” because this area is surrounded by government buildings such as ministries and other public organizations, been the most important the “Palacio de la Moneda” which houses the President’s offices.

Recommended eat, have a drink or coffee

Café Torres (Alameda 1570 Santiago Centro, phone: 688 07 51)
In this traditional restaurant was created the famous sandwich called “Barros Lucos” (a meet and cheese sandwich) after the President Ramón Barros Luco (1910-1915). In the morning you can find senators and ministers discussing about law projects and other subjects while having breakfast.
Barrio República

It is one of the most traditional neighborhoods in Chile built during the XIX century mining boom. Located in Santiago District, it is a centre of artistic activities and represents a very attractive spot for tourists. Here you can also find some universities and technological institutes.
Barrio París - Londres

Is a neighborhood located at the Universidad de Chile subway station and it was built by the designers Ernesto Holzmann (father and son) using a marked European style. In its narrow streets you can find several hostels. In this neighborhood we can find one of the most important historical sites in Santiago since it is one of the few remaining examples of 16th century architecture.

Recommended eat, have a drink or coffee

Bar Bristol (Alameda 816, phone: 639 38 32 – 360 44 45,

Located at the Hotel lobby, it is recommended for people who appreciate its variety of drinks, live music and special offers with a quite and comfortable atmosphere.

Barrio Brasil

Brazil neighborhood is close to Dieciocho, Concha y Toro, Yungay and República area and it is located to the north of Alameda street. This was a typical high-class district since the middle XIX century. From the 1940’s this neighborhood, like others in Santiago, went into decline because of the migration of wealthy families to the eastern part of the city.
In spite of that, this neighborhood has started to reborn, due to the creation of places for cultural, artistic and leisure time activities.

Reccomended eat, have a drink or coffee

Los Buenos Muchachos (A. Ricardo Cumming 1031, phone: 698 01 12,
With more than 65 years of experience in Chilean cuisine, its menu also offers a great variety of sea food, fishes and pasta. It also includes desserts like cakes, pancakes and “Suspiro Limeño” (a sort of caramel custard).

Los Chinos Ricos (Av. Brasil 373, phone: 696 37 78,
“Los Chinos Ricos” has become one of the most important Chinese food restaurants and it is an icon of Brazil Neighborhood. It has more than 25 years of experience preparing this kind of delicious food.

Litros RestoBar (Compañía 2201, phone: 466 38 63)
An innovative beer-to-the-table system consisting in tables, each one with a beer dispenser. It also has drinks like rum, vodka, pisco etc.

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Hostal Horizonte
(Maturana 557, Barrio Brasil, Santiago Phone: +56-2-6713662 )
If you are looking for a good place to live in the Patrimonial Neighborhood of Santiago downtown, please visit the Housing Student Horizonte. Housing Horizonte provides accommodations for university students, internship student, young professional, teachers and people who has a young spirit without discrimination. The House is near to many Universities, pubs, theaters, restaurant, cultural and bohemian environment and very close to Cumming subway station. It is located two blocks away from Plaza Brazil through Maturana street, between Santo Domingo and Catedral streets.

Hostal Amazonas (Brasil: Rosas 2234, phone: 671 90 13. Plaza Italia: Av. Vicuña Mackenna 47, phone: 635 16 31,
Is a convenient and trustworthy alternative for inexpensive accommodation; we provide tourist information and put you in touch with all the right places to stay while traveling around our country. Opened all year-round.We have two locations in Santiago city, one in the traditional Brazil district and another in the famous Italy square.Personally run by its owners in a warm family atmosphere, Hostal Río Amazonas is a place where you can relax in a peaceful and friendly environment.

Hostal Casa Roja (Agustinas 2113, Barrio Brasil, phone: 696 42 41,
An Australian run backpackers hostel in the heart of beautiful Santiago, Chile. Based in a former colonial mansion, La Casa Roja is within easy walking distance of the centre of Santiago and has easy access to shops, supermarkets, restaurants bars and bottle shops. Good showers and hot water 24 hrs/day. Spacious dorms and individual rooms. Extensive communal areas. Near to metro, restaurants, bars and museums. Full kitchen facilities and TV Room. Table tennis and BBQ nights.