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El Ciclista Fantasma

El Ciclista Fantasma

Book: Aventuras de Sherlock Holmes
Author: Arthur Conan Doyle
Publishing Date: 1903
Level: Intermediate

Un día de montaña

Sherlock Holmes is fictional private detective created by English writer Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in 1887.
Sherlock is a famous detective because of his intelligence, his great proficiency with observation, deduction and logical reasoning to solve some difficult cases.
You’ll listen to this well known story and for some minutes you’ll feel like Sherlock Holmes trying to solve this case. Isn’t it interesting? Who knows… perhaps this is the perfect moment to discover your abilities as a detective?

Sherlock Holmes es un detective privado de ficción, creado por Sir Arthur Conan Doyle en 1887.
Sherlock se destaca por su inteligencia, su gran capacidad de observación y su razonamiento deductivo para resolver casos difíciles.
Escucharás esta conocida historia y por unos minutos te convertirás en Sherlock Holmes intentando resolver este caso. ¿No te parece interesante? ¿Quién sabe si quizás este es el momento perfecto para descubrir tus habilidades como detective?

One on one session duration: 45 minutes
Practice with a native teacher.
Price: CLP$ 23.000 ( US$ 29, € 25, ? )


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