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From February we are back with face to face Spanish classes in Santiago and Valparaíso, but we continue with Online Classes as well!

Inglés: Clases presenciales y Online

Desde Febrero volvemos con clases presenciales de inglés solamente en Santiago y además continuamos con nuestras clases de inglés en línea.
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Natalislang: Our activities: Bubbles

Our “Bubbles” are going to help you learning, polishing and practicing your gramatical knowledge of Spanish.

By choosing one of our bubbles you will be able to acquire a pre-recorded lesson in which one of our teachers is going to explain the grammar topic to be discussed in a theorical and practical way by the means of an exercise related to the topic.

After you finish your exercise, you will have a 45 or 90 minutes lesson* depending on the bubble you selected (previously scheduled) with the teacher to clarify any remaining doubts and also to receive feedback on the exercise.

Bubble duration: depends on the topic
One on one session duration: 45 or 90 minutes
Level: Beginner - Advanced
Practice with a native teacher

*Due to different time zones, your lesson will need to be scheduled beforehand by an email which is going to be sent once you purchase your activity.

Level: beginner


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